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support of art, artists, invalids and mentally affected people, children, etc.



ČAOHCzech association of waste management (Česká asociace odpadového hospodářství) is the biggest waste management association in Czech republic, which associate important private business subjects, which carry business in exploitation, disposal, gathering a recyclingn of wastes and related activities. By its own activities ČAOH collaborate with all of recent associations and federations of waste management and Czech republic central organs, before all the Czech republic Parliament. ČAOH actively participated in preparations and lobbyism as matter-of-fact intention of new waste law, so its statutes at large.

ČAOH spolu se Sdružením veřejně prospěšných služeb založila koncem roku 2002 Sdružení pro udělování certifikátu (SUCO) "Odborný podnik pro nakládání s odpady".




logo cemcThe Czech Environment Management Center (CEMC) is an association of Czech experts and businesses for the field of industrial ecology. It was founded in 1992 with the main aim of spreading knowledge about environmental management within Czech industry. CEMC's mission is to contribute to the reduction of risks to the environment posed by industrial and other activity while at the same time helping to improve the efficiency of business. CEMC functions both as a source of information about eco–efficiency and as a catalyst assisting the introduction of environmental management. CEMC is a member of International Network for Environmental Management - INEM e.V., International Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic (and environmental committee of ICC) and Verein fur Internationales und Interdisciplinares Management (ViiM e.V.).

CEMC provides information and contacts, carries out demonstration projects and organises training for its members and partners on the following themes:
• Eco–efficiency • Eco–management • Informatics • Pollution prevention • Environmental legislation • EU Integration • Sustainable development •




logo DGMBGDMB, whose original name was German Metallurgists and Miners Association, was founded in 1912 as an association of the workers in the given areas. It has been enlarging its activities to 20 contemporary areas of activities. As a result of the globalization it offers membership also to foreign partners. Kovohutě Příbram nástupnická, a. s. has been a member of the lead branch of GDMB since 1997, the director general of the company is a member of the presidium of the association, and the Recycling Division Director is a member of the environmental working group of lead.



International Lead Association (ILA; new name since 01.01.2008)

ila- Lead Development Association International (LDAI; old name to 31.12.2007)





District Economic Chamber

District Economic Chamber in Příbram was founded on the basis of the law number 301/1992 Coll. by an act of decision of the delegates on the 17th February 1993.

District Economic Chambre is generally involved in making and improving conditions for businessmen.





Automotive Industry Association

AIA was established on June 27, 1989, with 17 founder member companies who were signatories to the agreement setting up the Association. It got the legal personality on the 19 June 1991 by registration in the company register on the basis of the Partnership Agreement of the Automotive Industry Association. Today AIA covers almost the whole of the automotive sector with 130 members and observers in the CR. The Slovak AIA is also a joint member of the Czech AIA.


The AIA is an interest industrial grouping of the manufacturing, commercial and other companies which make up the Czech automotive and allied industries. It makes a basis for solving and achieving mutual interests, aims and goals of the automotive industry in the areas of:


  • production, research, and development of motor vehicles and towed vehicles and their parts, engines and equipment
  • commerce and repair of the cars and equipment
  • development and production of machinery mainly for automotive and motorcycle production


ATeam Material Research (part of Faculty of Engineering by University of West Bohemia in Pilsen)

ATeam is team of young scientists, founded by doctoral students´ cooperation in 2004. We are engaged in research program, which covers large spectre of activities. ATeam members are active in many projects, grants and research intention in cooperation with many industrial companies. Our advantage is possibility to dispose with many modern equipment and not only by ZČU, but also in collaboration with other educational and research institutes in CR and other countries. Using this equipment we are able to meet client´s requirements respecting not only material research. Naturally all members afford a support in improving the quality of education in specialized subjects. We also offer training and workshops in different specializations for firms and companies out of university. On our website we offer to download many educational materials and not at last full readings from conferencies , which ATeam is part of.


Association of guns and ammunition manufactures and sellers









Kovohutě Příbram and the region

Kovohutě Příbram nástupnická, a. s. cooperates with and sponsor the following activities: