E-scrap division

The E-scrap division expands the ecological services of the firm to include the processing of discarded wastes of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE).


Electrical devices accepted

  1. large domestic appliances
    not including refrigerators and other cooling devices

  2. small domestic appliances

  3. computer and telecommunication devices

  4. consumer items

  5. lighting equipment - these items are recycled by Kovohutě through its daughter company RECYKLACE EKOVUK, a. s.

  6. electrical and electronic tools

  7. toys, leisure and sports items

  8. medical implements
    not including implanted and infected products

  9. monitoring and observation devices

  10. vending machines


Purchase of separated components from the previously detailed electrical devices; ensuring their material reuse

  1. magnetic tape

  2. printed circuit boards (PCB)

  3. cables

  4. electrical motors, wires

  5. PC power sources

  6. HDD

  7. CD, DVD, disk mechanisms

  8. plastics


Possibility of contractual disposal of e-scrap for firms





Purchase and recycling of materials from wrecked cars