Activities description

Kovohutě Příbram is also authorised to dangerous waste disposal. Plastic, paper, iron, zinc, brass, copper, ceramics or glass may carry precious metals. Minimum content of precious metals in supply is 0.2 % of Ag and 0.01 % of Au, Pd and Pt.

According to the nature of waste we perform a homogenisation by means of sorting, crushing, burning, grinding or melting. Determination of precious metals content is performed in a specialized accredit laboratory.

Upon detection of precious metals content and actual price conditions a purchase price for delivered waste is offered to the customer in form of a price proposal. The way of homogenisation, analysis and price proposal elaboration enables a payment to the consumer within one month after a waste delivery. After the consumer has approved the redemption price the waste is purified by means of established technology with the help of lead in shaft oven, English oven or in cooperation with Galmet, Ltd by a chemical route.

Purchase terms of Kovohutě Příbram and Galmet are transparent. The consumer himself may count the expected payment in advance in contrast to competing business where owing to the hidden reduction from metal stock-exchange value undefined in advance it is impossible to set the redemption price. The Kovohutě Příbram is the only firm in Czech Republic, which has specified a fixed day for precious metals redemption price calculation in Price and Delivery Terms. If a consumer concludes a contract for deposition of precious metals to demands account, the determination of a day for precious metal rating depends on his decision.



We obtain precious metals from waste in following spheres:

Electric and electronic products, sediments, scrapings, ashes, photographic industry waste, waste from physical or chemical modification of waste, pigs and other waste containing precious metals. A content of special - interest metals, which varies distinctively in different suppliers according to the applied technologies and site of waste origin is crucial for receipt of  he waste in the waste utilization plant. In agreed cases it is possible to take over a waste with a lower metal content as a waste for disposal on payment. The Precious Metals Division personnel elaborated purchased waste sorts into a well-arranged catalogue, which assists consumers in orientation where the precious metals occur and which way is advisable to sort and process them.