Lead and lead alloys

Lead (Pb) is a soft and heavy metal of grey-blue colour.
Lead and lead-antimony alloy in ingots
The lead has an excellent forming capacity, can be easily pressed, soldered and welded. It also possesses a high corrosion and chemical resistance, particularly with respect to sulphuric acid. This has proved to be useful in the production of accumulators, cable sheating, and the production of tubes and sheets for chemical industry.




It can also be used to make air-gun pellets and hunting shots. The advantage of its high specific weight is used for the production of counterweights. High atomic weight predetermines the lead and its alloys for the protection against radiation and radioactivity.

The basic material for lead production and lead-antimony alloys is a scrap lead from accumulators.
The main production programme is the production of lead alloys with antimon; calcium alloys; and soft lead production. The alloys could be delivered in standard design or can be alloyed according to the customer's request.


Lead and lead alloys are delivered in ingots which weigh approximately 40 kg. The ingots are packed into piles weighing 1 ton. The pile is tied with 2 plastic ties. Each pile has following data: the producer's name, the date and time of casting, charge number, weight, lead typ






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